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ATS offers a range of services to support pipeline and piping welding to enhance productivity and reduces cost per joint using advance techniques like Orbital MIG Welding, Orbital TIG Welding, Fully Automatic pipe welding, Gas and without Gas flux cored welding.

ATS offers on-site job operation for pipe joint welding with equipment and manpower saving cost and valuable time for oil & gas as well water pipeline clients.

ATS provides hydraulic tooling product and services for controlled bolt tightening in critical Bolting applications. They have a team of highly skilled, trained, experienced manpower to execute the job on site and the team is well equipped with complete range of torqueing & tensioning tools to deliver reliable and safe service delivery. ATS can cold cut & prepare pipe diameter from 2 to 48inches, any type of metal in most of the wall thickness. ATS can also do flange facing services up to the flange diameter of 24 inch OD. ATS have machines that are capable of cutting out of round piping as well as existing welds. Various bevel types are available as well as custom bevels and landings.


Welding Equipment & Consumable

Orbital Tig welding and Cladding Systems

Welding Job Work for Pipeline & Piping With Automation / Manual

Cold Cutting Jobs & Equipment Rental Services

Training Organised in MTC on CNC Controllers

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