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Technical Trading Co. LLC

Ibrahim Al Sulaimi

CEO of Technical Trading Co. LLC

Welcome and thank you for visiting the TECHNICAL TRADING CO. LLC website!

We are excited to introduce you to our revamped & upgraded website. In a world where progress is relentless, we recognize the pivotal role of growth for any thriving organization. From our inception, we have embraced this principle, propelling us to broaden our products & services spectrum, expand our global footprint, foster a diverse customer community, strengthen our workforce, and elevate our revenue benchmarks.


Our journey has been an unceasing expansion, fostering a culture of engineering excellence with trusted products & services. Time and again, we have stood at the forefront of delivering pioneering solutions tailored to the ever-evolving landscape of the Oman Market. Since our establishment in 1970, we have borne witness to remarkable strides across various dimensions – from scaling our operations and widening market penetration to enriching the spectrum of our service offerings. Today, we take immense pride in our status as Oman’s leading Engineering Solutions company, specializing in Fire, Safety & Security, Automotive & Industrial Equipment, Equipment Rentals, Elevator & MEP, and Facilities Management Division.

Our success narrative stands as a testimony to our valued clients, committed workforce, and esteemed partners. Your unwavering support has been the bedrock of our journey, propelling us to even greater heights.

The upgraded TTC website now stands as an invaluable hub of information, amplifying our capacity to foster engagement and collaboration between the company, clients, and peers across diverse industries in Oman and beyond. We genuinely appreciate the time you invest in navigating our digital space. Our commitment remains resolute in harnessing our collective strengths, pooling top-notch resources, and advancing in unison with fellow professionals – both on a local and global scale.

Whether you’re a prospective client scouting for innovative solutions, a loyal customer seeking streamlined interactions, a valued partner within our supply chain, or an ambitious professional aspiring for excellence, TTC offers something truly exceptional tailored just for you.

With sincere gratitude for your involvement in our journey, we eagerly anticipate embarking on this exciting new chapter hand in hand.

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