Technical Trading Co.LLC honors 34 staff at an award ceremony

Technical Trading Co.LLC (TTC), Flagship Company of Al Sulaimi Group Holding recently celebrated the company’s employees at a “Long service award ceremony” where long service awards were presented to 34 employees of the company celebrating their length of service and loyalty ranging from 16 years to 29 years of service while also recognizing their exceptional performance. The award ceremony was held in the Head Office on 11th July.

The Long Service Awards, presented by Mr. Ammar Aissou – Chief Operations Officer, Al Sulaimi Group Holding and Mr. Atul Kanwar – Board Adviser, Al Sulaimi Group Holding shone the spotlight on staff who have reached key milestones in their years of service. All the awardees were presented with a Long Service certificate and other gifts especially custom made.

Mr. Ibrahim Al Sulaimi, General Manager – TTC said” Our staff is our most important asset. I am delighted to recognize their commitment and loyalty to Technical Trading Co. and to congratulate them on their long service awards. Their dedication underpins the continuing growth of our business in Oman and our drive to deepen our relationships with our customers and clients. We are celebrating today true role models who have a wealth of knowledge and understanding about the organization, which really is invaluable to us.”

“Here for good, our brand promise, captures the essence of who we are and how we live this brand promise at our workplace every day for the benefit of our staff, our clients and customers. With more than 40 years of history in Oman, I am proud to say that we’re really here for good.”

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