Technical Trading Co. LLC wins air handling contract at Sultan Qaboos University Hospital

The Specialized Projects Division of Technical Trading co.LLC (TTC), Flagship Company of Al Sulaimi Group Holding in its latest development has been awarded to supply and replace 16 Air Handling Units (AHU’s) at the Sultan Qaboos University Hospital (SQUH).

The contract, due to commence in coming months, will see the replacement of the existing handling unit plants with new specified equipment which serves the entire hospital. TTC will be installing Huntair brand AHU’s which are designed specifically for the ventilation of hospitals and healthcare premises where maintaining air quality is critical. HUNTAIR’s patented FANWALL TECHNOLOGY® air handling units are arguably the first true innovation in the air handling equipment industry in years. Based on replacing large fans with a modular array of smaller fans, FANWALL TECHNOLOGY allows for major improvements in footprint, reliability, energy efficiency, sound attenuation, vibration, operating costs, and is also ideal for retrofit applications.

Mr. Faisal Rawahi, Senior Engineer at SQUH said, “We are proud to use AHU’s with Fanwall Technology in SQUH premises which are provided by TTC. This technology has salient features which convinced us. Features such as energy efficient, redundancy, size reduction (20 – 30%), minimum maintenance cost as there are no belts & pulleys, less vibration and noise. 10 units have been replaced and 16 units will be delivered soon. TTC have a very good erection and back up teams which are very important factors to be considered”.

Mohammed Arshad, Division head of Specialized Projects said: “As a long term service provider to SQUH, we have a thorough working knowledge of site and its equipment locations. This knowledge combined with competitive bid helped us in getting awarded for the project. Our expertise and competence in project execution coupled with the execution of several projects for SQUH over the last few years helped us win this order.

Mr.Ibrahim Al Sulaimi, General Manager – TTC added: “We have been working with Sultan Qaboos University Hospital for more than 5 years now and our staff know the site and the project team very well. We are incredibly proud to be awarded this important contract and to have earned the trust which has enabled us to do so”. We are sure to execute this project in a timely manner as we have done in the past and we are grateful to the SQUH project team and the management to give us this opportunity again.

The company’s motto ‘Best services at all times’ has been the driving force behind its achievements, with focus on developing the team work and urging employees to go the extra mile.

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